Keywords & synonyms

RAISE > Fundamentals of searching > Keywords & synonyms Keywords & synonyms Learning outcomes Identify relevant keywords and synonyms to use for literature search Why use keywords? Identifying synonyms (similar words) and related keywords for each of your concepts or themes will ensure that your […]

Build search strategy

RAISE > Fundamentals of searching > Build search strategy Build search strategy Learning outcomes Understand how to combine keywords and use database commands to build a search strategy FIRST HIDDEN Boolean operators (combine alternative search terms) AND Example: hospitality AND management Returns publications that mention […]

Apply search strategy

RAISE > Fundamentals of searching > Apply search strategy Apply search strategy Learning outcomes Conduct and limit searches within the library catalogue and databases Identify relevant databases for your topic Where to search Refining the search Watch an example Where to search SCU Library Catalogue […]

Evaluate information

RAISE > Fundamentals of searching > Evaluate information Evaluate information Learning outcomes Know where to locate information for evaluating resources e.g. date on a website (currency) or Ulrich’s for evidence of peer review Evaluating publications is important to ensure the information is suitable for your […]

Reviewing the literature

RAISE > Extend your searching > Reviewing the literature Reviewing the literature Learning outcomes Awareness that there are many types of publications that are reviews As an author, understand the type of review that you are conducting What kind of review is for you? What […]

Citation searching

RAISE > Extend your searching > Citation searching Citation searching Learning outcomes Learn how to easily find additional useful publications once a central publication has been identified Follow the trail of scholarly communication… Select a relevant, central reference and then check publications that: are cited […]

Documenting & saving your search

RAISE > Extend your searching > Documenting & saving your search Documenting & saving your search Learning outcomes Saving a record of searches, results in less time redoing searches Why save searches? Efficiency: you know where you’ve already searched and what terms you’ve used Consistency: […]

Finding theses & grey literature

RAISE > Extend your searching > Finding theses & grey literature Finding theses & grey literature Learning outcomes Identify and locate theses and grey literature from relevant resources Finding theses Grey literature Finding theses If you will be writing a thesis, look at other theses […]

Managing the literature

RAISE > Managing research information > Managing the literature Managing the literature Learning outcomes Have an Endnote library up and running Have the knowledge and skills to use Endnote effectively What is your organisation system? You can save a great deal of time if you […]

Keeping current

RAISE > Managing research information > Keeping current Keeping current Learning outcomes Learn an easy way to keep up to date with relevant publications Stay informed – receive automatic updates for new publications on your research topic Table of Contents (ToC) Alerts – receive the […]

Researcher responsibility & copyright

RAISE > Managing research information > Researcher responsibility & copyright Researcher responsibility & copyright Learning outcomes Awareness of Australian copyright and implications for theses and other research publications Understand and use the applicable SCU and Australian Codes of Conduct for research projects Authorship Referencing and […]

Research data management

RAISE > Managing research information > Research data management Research data management Learning outcomes Know how to apply research data management principles as part of doing research Develop a draft plan for how research data will be managed for your current research project Why data […]


Building connections & collaborating

RAISE > Getting published > Building connections & collaborating Building connections & collaborating Learning outcomes Understanding the importance of building connections and collaborating for a successful career Awareness of your current digital footprint, and how your online presence can help you to build research connections […]

Publish your research

RAISE > Getting published > Publish your research Publish your research Learning outcomes Know how to select quality and appropriate journals for reading, citing and submitting a manuscript Why publish? Where to publish? Open Access publishing Journal metrics Why publish? To make your research findings […]

Researcher metrics & impact

RAISE > Getting published > Researcher metrics & impact Researcher metrics & impact Learning outcomes Understanding how to use quantitative and qualitative research metrics responsibly Know which are the core metrics that are relevant to your research and discipline Awareness of how the Australian Government […]

Researcher identifiers & profiles

RAISE > Getting published > Researcher identifiers Researcher identifiers & profiles Learning outcomes Understand the importance of creating and maintaining your researcher identifiers & profiles Awareness of relevant tools and how to use them Researcher profiles ORCID Southern Cross Researcher Profile Web of Science Scopus […]