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Getting published

This section provides advice on selecting what and where to publish, information on authorship; copyright and intellectual property. Learn to build your researcher profile and obtain a research identifier to distinguish you from other authors with the same name.

Collaboration or networking, both terms identify your participation in working and building relationships with researchers to enhance your own research.


Building connections & collaborating

RAISE > Getting published > Building connections & collaborating Building connections & collaborating Learning outcomes Understanding the importance of building connections and collaborating for a successful career Awareness of your current digital footprint, and how your online presence can help you to build research connections […]

Publish your research

RAISE > Getting published > Publish your research Publish your research Learning outcomes Know how to select quality and appropriate journals for reading, citing and submitting a manuscript Why publish? Where to publish? Open Access publishing Journal metrics Why publish? To make your research findings […]

Researcher metrics & impact

RAISE > Getting published > Researcher metrics & impact Researcher metrics & impact Learning outcomes Understanding how to use quantitative and qualitative research metrics responsibly Know which are the core metrics that are relevant to your research and discipline Awareness of how the Australian Government […]

Researcher identifiers & profiles

RAISE > Getting published > Researcher identifiers Researcher identifiers & profiles Learning outcomes Understand the importance of creating and maintaining your researcher identifiers & profiles Awareness of relevant tools and how to use them Researcher profiles ORCID Southern Cross Researcher Profile Web of Science Scopus […]