Researcher responsibility & copyright

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Conception and design of the project or output; acquisition of research data where the acquisition had required significant intellectual judgement, planning, design or input; contribution of knowledge, where justified, including Indigenous knowledge; analysis or interpretation of research data; and drafting significant parts of the research output or critically revising it so as to contribute to its interpretation – see Section 2 Clause 16 of the SCU Research Authorship and Publications Procedures.

Yes – the Authorship Weighting Schema in Section 3 Clause 25 of the SCU Research Authorship and Publications Procedures is an optional tool that may be used by authors to assist in confirming all authors have made a significant intellectual or scholarly contribution to research outputs, and determining their level of contribution for order of authorship.

Yes, this is highly recommended, as explained in Section 4.2 of National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC): Authorship. At SCU, you are required to complete the Supervisor and Candidate Agreement which includes a section about authorship attribution.

Yes – as stated in Section 3 Clauses: 26 and 27 of the SCU Research Authorship and Publications Procedures, authors must include an author affiliation statement on all research outputs following this standardised format.

The Responsible Research Conduct Procedures – Higher Degree Researchers (Students) defines plaigiarism in Section 3 – Definitions (8) e: Plagiarism – fraudulently, deliberately or inadvertently using the work of others without due acknowledgement, and claiming it as one’s own for academic or other purposes, or self-plagiarism.

Yes, in fact, it is highly recommended and a requirement for the final draft of your thesis. You are required to submit a Turnitin report as part of your Confirmation of Candidature and thesis submission.

Yes, as explained under Copyright in your thesis: so long as you do not exceed the copying limits under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act, and you acknowledge all sources (see Moral Rights).

See the “Hints on obtaining permisssion from copyright owners on the Copyright and your thesis page.

No, there are important guidelines about how you need to manage your research data, even after you have finished your research. See the Research Data Management module in RAISE.

Managing research information