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Extend your searching

In this module, we introduce you to further strategies and tools which support more comprehensive searching. We also explain the varied level of searching required for different types of research projects.

Reviewing the literature

RAISE > Extend your searching > Reviewing the literature Reviewing the literature Learning outcomes Awareness that there are many types of publications that are reviews As an author, understand the type of review that you are conducting What kind of review is for you? What […]

Citation searching

RAISE > Extend your searching > Citation searching Citation searching Learning outcomes Learn how to easily find additional useful publications once a central publication has been identified Follow the trail of scholarly communication… Select a relevant, central reference and then check publications that: are cited […]

Documenting & saving your search

RAISE > Extend your searching > Documenting & saving your search Documenting & saving your search Learning outcomes Saving a record of searches, results in less time redoing searches Why save searches? Efficiency: you know where you’ve already searched and what terms you’ve used Consistency: […]

Finding theses & grey literature

RAISE > Extend your searching > Finding theses & grey literature Finding theses & grey literature Learning outcomes Identify and locate theses and grey literature from relevant resources Finding theses Grey literature Finding theses If you will be writing a thesis, look at other theses […]